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Master Key Systems

We supply and fit Master Key Systems for Offices, Schools and Businesses.

The following pictures show the basic components of a master key system with the correct terms used.

The cylinders we use are from our High Security Locks range.

Whether you are considering just a few doors at home that would make life easier to have just 1 key to access all areas, or a large office block with 100's of doors all of these requirements can be met. We cut the keys ourselves normally on the same day as the order, so you do not have to wait weeks for additional or replacement keys, a common problem that our competitors systems suffer.

If you don't understand any aspects of a masterkey system, please telephone, we're happy to explain. Call us now on : 020 8508 1150

KD - Keyed to Differ

Each cylinder is operated by its own individual key.

KA - Keyed Alike

More than one lock/cylinder can be operated by the same key.

MK - Master Keyed

A group of cylinders, normally all to differ and operated by their own individual key. All cylinders can be over-ridden by a master key.

GMK - Grand Master Keyed

Used in situations with more than one Master Key group within a building complex. Master Keys operate clinders within their own group, whereas the grand master key can operate all the clinders in all the groups.